A Year In Summary

Having a ‘A Year In Summary’ blog post is quite a thing in the blogging world, so I have decided that my blog should have one too.

For a full list of what I have been up to this year you can just click on the category ‘My Work’ on my side panel, but I will give you a little update of things that have been happening.

I was lucky enough to start this year by going to Mumbai to study marketing for Bollywood film, with a grant from Beyond UTS International Leadership Development Society. I got published in the UTS Writers’ Anthology and got Shortlisted for the Monash University Undergraduate Prize Shortlist, which led to publication in a Penguin Special. I collaborated with Cam Cope and a bunch of other fantastic writers in PICTURE 1000 WORDS, a photo-literary collaboration that was exhibited at City Library Gallery, Melbourne. In September, I got swept away to the Fresh Ink National Studio, a writers’ retreat in Bundanon with a whole heap of amazing young playwrights. This led to two development sessions and my first ever paid commission (yay).


Some of the awesome people I got to spend a week with at the National Studio. Look at them, can’t you tell they are awesome?

The show my monologue 'Facon' will be in next year, as a result of going on the National Studio.

‘Bite Me’,  the show my monologue ‘Facon’ will be in next year, as a result of going on the National Studio.

Last but not least, I finished my honours thesis. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. It took the life out of me, but I got first class honours. The shiny mark at the end of the year has made all those stressed out, brink of melt down hours all worth it. Plus, I got to interview and work with poets who I never dreamed I would have the honour to work with.


My finished thesis.

At the end of this post I feel happy with this year, but also very, very gloaty. However, I think that is the nature of these ‘A Year In Summary’ type posts, and so I apologise for nothing.

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