Reception – Showcased Writer in Vertigo

This month I was the showcased writer for the Vertigo Magazine ‘Party Issue’. If you’re hankering after some sweet, sweet fiction you can pick up Vertigo Magazine at any UTS campus.

Or you can have a read below:

Short Story - Reception


Blonde in Bollywood


If you have followed this blog closely (anyone?), you might have noticed that this Summer there was a little lapse in the consistency of my posting. I got stuck in a little non-blogging rut because I was lucky enough to travel to Mumbai with the Beyond UTS International Leadership Development Society. With the society I got to spend three weeks studying Marketing in Bollywood. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience.

I started a blog about the experience at a new site:

It’s not entirely up to date, but despite this you may be interested in having a look. I had been inspired by Holy Cow: An Adventure in India by Sarah MacDonald and wanted to try my hand at travel writing.

I have included pictures, musing and incomplete journal entries. I have made a table comparing Bollywood Cinema vs. Australian Cinema. You can see that here:

Thanks again to the BUiLD for sending me. It was an absolutely amazing experience which I hope to one day turn into some good writing!



Mumbai wedding

Mumbai wedding