When a home depot mistake breaks the separation between neighbours Sal and Ally, they are confronted anew by their co-existence. How far can neighbourly duty be pushed?



I’ve written and directed a short play called ‘Neighbours’ with Olivia Mayberry. The play is being presented by Backstage: University of Technology’s Theatre and Film Society. It will be performed on the 7th and 8th of September along with several other short plays. Come on down and check it out!

‘Neighbours’ will star Madeline Wilson and Margot Kelly. Here are some pictures of one of the rehearsals to inspire you to come.

Alongside ‘Neighbours’ you can see my talented fellow UTS Writers! Here are the rest of the shows.

Snappy Jaws
Written and Directed by Emma Smith
Three young women are getting ready together for a party. They have red wine, chapped lips, and cheap red lipstick. The party theme is also red (like, Ronald McfuckenDonald red. Like, menstrual blood red). They have snappy jaws. Throats sliding with cold wet flavours teeth grinding out shapes of lasers lips swollen with what is still to say and then…

Character 1: Tess Barber
Character 2: Millie Hauritz
Character 3: Ariella Stoian

The General’s Tea Party
Written and Directed by Rachel Sandeman

An Australian and a British soldier discuss the futility of life within the trenches of World War One. Tea always solves an international crisis.

Digger: Scott Leek
Tommy: Patrick Griffiths

The Critics
Written and Directed by Lonie Pizarro

The audience is seated. The popcorn vendors are gone. The lights have dimmed. But the play has yet to commence. Renowned theatre critics Klaus Astor and Johann Von Mises are not amused.

Klaus: Christopher Comerford
Johann: Brendan Missio

Woman Kind
Written, Directed and Performed By Michelle McCowage

Is it possible that we’re all a multitude of various characters hiding within one body? This short play explores the complexity of the human condition, revealing we have more in common then we most likely realise.

Written and Directed by Louise Jaques

Lottie, a cynic, and Simon, a romantic, are two strangers who begin talking at the latest exhibtion of Zurich Barber; acclaimed abstract artist.

Lottie: Claudia Coy
Simon: Liam Egan

What the cat dragged in
Written by Cindy Dang
Directed by Stephen Godfrey

Three roommates are sharing a dark secret. Everything falls apart when Tim Tam the cat brings in a deadly reminder.

A- Melisa Bactol
B- Patrick Ta
C- Miki Takahashi

Written and Directed by Liam EganWhen the world is about to end, all Craig wants to do is take care of his sister, read the paper and hassle the people panicking all around.Craig: Che Fisher
Amelia: Danni Robertson
Patricia: Sabeth Kastanias
Daniel: Andrew SalinasCheerleaders
Written & Directed by Justin Wolfers
Performed by Clare CholertonA monologue in which a woman spends time revisiting her childhood. She liked ice cream and running in the sunshine and wearing pigtails. She lived in an endless summer and her mother spoiled her. She was oblivious.

Written and Directed by Chris Mckay

‘I get knocked down. I mash the A-Button till I get back up again’

Gamer 1: Melisa Bactol
Gamer 2: Tasia Bafatakis
Player 1: Andrew Salinas
Player 2: Michael Truong

Bath Salts
Written and Directed by Jake Nielsen

One man tries to warn his friend of the impending zombie apocalypse.

Dude 1: Callum Braithwaite
Dude 2: Chris Mckay

Written and Directed By Ariella Stoian

Stef and Jay wait for Daniel to come home. They have a conversation about Stef’s day. Words little matter to meaning.

Stef: Dylan Pope
Jay: Marcus Higgins
Daniel: Chris Mckay

Freshly Squeezed

I’m really excited that I’ve been invited to participate in Freshly Squeezed 2012. Freshly Squeezed is a workshop run by StageJuice that brings together ‘Sydney’s most exciting’ (their words 😛 ) emerging artists in theatre, dance, sound art, music, visual arts, media, film and installation, to work together with mentors. The idea is for the workshops to be a way for new works to develop. The mentoring and workshopping culminates in an evening of short experimental works, a presentation of fresh ideas and new collaborations.

The presentation will be showing at PACT theatre with performances on Friday the 19th of October (7pm) and Saturday the 20th of October (2pm and 7pm) . I hope you guys can come!

For more info go here.

You can track our progress on the Freshly Squeezed Blog here.

Opportunities for Actors

It seems you always find what you’re not looking for. While rummaging around the internet for new writing opportunities I have stumbled across a bundle of acting gigs. Rather than casting them aside, I though I might write up a little list for the actors out there.


The Knowledge By John Donnelly

pantsguys Productions are seeking actors for their production of THE KNOWLEDGE, directed by Rebecca Martin, as part of the New Theatre’s The Spare Room season.

Auditions will be held on:

Tues 14 August 3pm-9pm
Wed 15 August 10am-9pm

Character Breakdown:

Zoe –Female, Late 20s/Early 30s, white
Maz – Male, Early-mid/30s, Asian/Indian
Harry – Male, Early 60s, white
Mickey – Male, 15, white
Daniel – Male, 15, black
Karris – Female, 15, white
Sal – Female, 15, Asian/Indian

Send your CV and headshot to: with the role you are interested in auditioning for.

You will receive sides for the character – you certainly don’t have to learn them, but familiarity with the script is desirable. Be open and prepared to improvise.

If you have any further questions, or can’t make the above auditions times, please don’t hesitate to contact

For the facebook page click here.


A View From Moving Windows is a new multi-playwright project headed by director Augusta Supple (Brand Spanking New, Stories from the 428, Write Here Write Now) which contains scenes, fragments and playlets by some of Australia’s best loved playwrights. Created specifically for Riverside Theatre’s True West Season, this is a unique portrait of Parramatta, like you’ve never seen it before.

The show is to be written and developed from late July through to August 2012.

Information for actors:
It hasn’t been written yet… so I can’t tell you of how many roles there are on offer. I can tell you nothing.

But if you are keen to audition/be approached/ read a role (once its been written), please email me at with your head shot, a CV and a brief note (up to 200 words) of why you are attracted to this project.

Auditions will take place available 23rd, 25th, 30th August and 1st September at The Arts Platform and The Riverside theatres (exact times/dates/locations to be confirmed.)

Rehearsals: (part time) 24th September- 13th October.
Production Dates:
Bump in: 15th October 2012
Tech: 16th October 2012
Dress: 17th October 2012
Preview: 18th October 2012
Opening Performance: 19th October 2012
Performances: 20th, 24, 25, 26, 27th October 2012


Disney is auditioning Dancers & Character Look-alikes for Tokyo in Melb and Syd. 1 year contracts from Feb/Mar 2013

For more details check it out here.

I’ll keep you updated if I find more.