Felicity Pickering is an emerging playwright and writer. She has been published in The Stonesthrow Review (State University of New York, New Paltz Writing Anthology), Picture 1000 Words (a photo-literary collaboration), The Evening Lands (2013 UTS Writers’ Anthology), Thought Catalog, Vibewire and Vertigo magazine. In 2013, Felicity was shortlisted for the Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing, leading her to be published in a Penguin Special: Promise.

Felicity has a passion for dramatic writing. She has had four plays produced:  The Banquet (2011), Neighbours (2012), Layover (2014), Object (2015, Bondi Feast 24 Hour Theatre), Pre’s: An Immersive Theatre Experience (2017) and Dredman Deadman (Old 505 Young Playwrights’ Festival, 2017). In 2013, Felicity was selected to attend the highly competitive National Studio as part of ATYP’s young writers program. In 2014, the monologue that she wrote on the retreat, Facon, was performed as part of The Voices Project at ATYP and was published by Currency Press. In 2015, Facon was made into a short film by Vigilante Media. In 2016, Felicity was selected for a year long playwriting mentorship with ATYP.

Felicity has a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Cultural Studies and a Masters of Media Arts and Production. In 2013, Felicity finished her honours thesis exploring the performance of identity in the slam poetry movement, with a focus on the Australasia scene, with first class honours.

Felicity has worked for many prestigious companies. She has worked as the Administration Officer at Playwriting Australia and Department Coordinator, Business & Audience at Screen Australia.

If you would like to read some of Felicity’s published writing, you can purchase them through these links:

‘Home’ in The Evening Lands: The UTS Writers’ Anthology, Xoum, Sydney (click here)

‘Home’ in Promise: The EWF Monash University Undergraduate Prize Shortlist, Penguin Special, Penguin Australia, Australia (click here)

Reviews of Felicity’s Work

‘I also really loved Facon by Felicity Pickering, a kind of slam-poetry esque piece performed by Kate Williams, confessing her love for meat to her trendy hipster vegan boyfriend. It was funny and clever and also it rhymed, which was super impressive.’

              – Review of Facon. Jodi Mc Alister, Australian Stage, 07 February 2014

‘One of the highlights of the evening was “Facon”, written by Felicity Pickering as a kind of humorous rap music/slam poetry piece.  Backed by two electric guitars, talented singer/actor Kate Williams takes the microphone and wows us with her ‘tried to be a vegan for my boyfriend, caught out when he visits my meat-loving family on my birthday’.’

– Review of Facon. Bronwyn Fullerton, Sydney Arts Guide, 11 February 2014

‘Felicity Pickering’s Facon is an exceptionally mature, well-constructed piece of writing, cleverly rhymed, which lures us in with the smoky ubiquitousness of the barbie; that central fixture of Australian culture, around which so many inane interpersonal exchanges pivot. As in Hossain’s script, food is used to discuss the gulfs between people and the shores upon which they can and do meet. In this case, the meeting is between ravenously meat-eating Tia and her new, vegan beau. Kate Williams ensures this seven-minute steak is properly seared, with a performance that puts the pathos to the comic disguise of a young, confirmed carnivore, born and braised.’

– Review of Facon. Lloyd Bradford Syke, Daily Review, 12 February 2014


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  1. Yay! This is nice to display your newly published story. Very proud follower of FJP here. Maybe include your publication in the NP booklet from last year.

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