A View From Moving Windows Blogging

It has been almost a month since I finished blogging for A View From Moving Windows. It was an amazing experience and I felt like I learnt a lot from it. It was a great opportunity to figure out the nuts and bolts of doing online marketing for a production. I want to thank Augusta Supple for giving me the opportunity. I also wanted to say thanks to all the castthe team and the writers for being incredibly welcoming. Also, a huge thanks to Nicole Dimitriadis for being my co-blogger and comrade.

Although the production is over I suggest you check out the blog. It actually works well as a stand alone collection of creative writing  and memories inspired by train travel and Parramatta. I think so at least (I might be biased).

I started off this post wanting to highlight two pieces of writing that I am particularly proud of from the blog. It has come to my attention that this blog features very little of my own writing (except for event coverage and reviews), so I thought it might be a good way of showing my creative side. So, please read some examples of my work:



DROP Roaming Poet

On the 9th of November I was the feature poet for DROP. I was a roaming poet who performed at the Rocks Village Bizarre.  Twas uber fun and it was my first paid writing gig which was pretty cool as I officially graduated on the Monday. Who said you couldn’t get a job after getting a Writing degree? Eat your words haters, cos my words are going to feed me!

Drop and Village Bizzare Opening Night

The 2nd of November marked the opening of DROP presented by Word Travels. The event was celebrated with an Open Mic Night held at the 13 Cambridge Street. Feature performances were made by Miles Merrill, Robert Grey and Indonesian Poet Khairani Barokka who was touring Australia.

The opening night of DROP was followed by the Village Bizarre Opening Night. Poets were encouraged to pull aside and give private performances to the attendees of the VIP event. For more information about the upcoming performances by Word Travel’s poets please check the facebook. Roaming poets will be performing in the Rocks each Friday Night for the duration of The Rocks Village Bizarre (2nd November to 21 December). For more information about The Village Bizarre go to their website. Make sure you come down!