‘Redfern Now’ Premiere

The new drama series from ABC, ‘Redfern Now’ was screened at The Block in Redfern yesterday. ‘Redfern Now’ is the first-ever Indigenous television drama and boasts a great cast including Wayne Blair, Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Shari Sebbens, Leah Purcell, Dean Daley-Jones, Jimi Bani and Kelton Pell. The  six-part series was produced by Blackfella Films in association with ABC TV, Screen Australia and Screen NSW. The TV series is filmed and set in the suburbs of Redfern.

Last night 3000 people were met with ice cream, sausage sizzles and juice boxes at the iconic Block. Performances were made by Casey Donovan and Marcus Corowa, and despite the strict alcohol ban everyone in the audience seem to have fun. Couples cosied up on their picnic mats and kids ran around on the equipment. It was a wonderful night, mostly for the diversity of people it attracted. I definitely think the night was a great success. It certainly attracted a lot of attention to the show and seemed very well received by the audience. I’m excited to tune in.

All photography by me!


Dramaturgy Internship

I’ve been working as a Dramaturgy Intern for PlayWriting Australia since returning from New York. It has been an amazing opportunity that I hope to continue. PlayWriting Australia  has introduced us to society today (our debutante if you will) by writing an article on us on their blog . Check it out. I’ve been working alongside some amazingly talented co-interns.



It seems like so long ago now because so much has been happening! But, I wanted to show you guys these wonderful pictures that Stephen Godfrey took of the play Olivia Mayberry and I wrote: ‘Neighbours’. The show went really well and Olivia and I were both so pleased with it. You might notice though that there was a change in casting. Margot Kelly got sick so at the last minute Olivia had to step in as Ally. SO we had to rework the play just four days before the show went on. Luckily Olivia is a quick learner and was amazing! She is a little kooky anyway. I want to thank everyone that came!


Madeline Philippe Wilson as Sal. You work those pajamas girl.


Tess Barber as Deandra.


Olivia Mayberry as Ally.

ImageOlivia Mayberry and Tess Barber.


Olivia Mayberry and Madeline Philippe Wilson.


Madeline Philippe Wilson.


Madeline Philippe Wilson. Guest star: judgemental cat.


Tess Barber


Madeline Philippe Wilson, Olivia Mayberry and I celebrating the end of the show!

I want to say a big thank you to Madeline for being a great pretentious woman. She nailed the voice! Big thanks for Margot for learning all those lines, it was a shame you got sick but I’m glad you’re better. Big thanks to Tess Barber for jumping on board and of course Olivia Mayberry for stepping in!

Thank also goes to my Dad for making the props and all of Backstage for putting on the Backstage Short Play Night.