‘Ted’ Review


Ted, the movie, runs like an alternate universe version of Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane (the voice of Peter Griffin) voices the cute but crude Ted, and Mila Kunis (who voices Meg in Family Guy) plays the love interest of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). 

The sense of humour and premise reek of MacFarlane, the movies director, co-producer, and co-writer. The jokes are crude, dry and generally hilarious.

This is Seth MacFarlanes first foray into cinema, and it shows. Plot lines waiver as the screen time is ruled by jokes. Characters are unrealistic, Mila Kunis never ceases to be more than Mila Kunis, and character conflict is dropped at a hat when it seems the plot needs to move on. My main qualm with the storyline is that it never feels like anything is really at risk. Maybe I’m asking for too much from a comedy but I like a little emotional attachment. 

Despite all this, Ted is a good watch. With the nearly $395 million worldwide that it made, it certainly has an audience. Universal declared an interest in making the sequel and Mark Wahlberg has signed on. Let’s just hope they invest a little more money in a good story editor this time. 

What did you think? Are you excited for Ted 2?