Mixology Review

Mixology is a tv series that takes on a challenging premise, the entire series follows what happens to a group of people in one night. That’s right, enough drama goes on in one night to cover thirteen entire twenty-two minute episodes. And the creators of the show Jon Lucas and Scott Moore pull it off, almost.

Mixology is set in a bar in Manhattan. It’s a character driven sitcom: each episode focuses on one relationship or group. You have the usual collection of stereotypes: the whipped guy who just got dumped, the career driven man eater, the New Jersey housewife, the naïve girl, the charming British guy, the hot but dumb bartender, and any number of caricatures. As the series moves on you get little snippets into the background of each: who’s sleeping with who, who’s got a thing for certain types and it is entertaining to watch the different characters interact and flip flop between choosing which sexual partner they will eventually (at the series finale) go home with.

Watched in several doses the series would be enjoyable, but if you watch it all in one go (as I did) you see all the flaws laid bare. The humour is, at all times, light and obvious. The night never ends, and for the more critical viewer, it’s sometimes hard to continue to sustain disbelief: ‘You just got rejected by two guys you liked, why would you not just go home?’. If you are looking to be challenged, don’t bother. But if you’re looking for an easy to watch extended romantic comedy about life as a single person, then you’ve hit jack-pot.


Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.19.06 PM

My monologue ‘Facon’ is being performed in an amazing show called ‘Bite Me’. There are only four more chances for you to see it! Make sure you get down to Australian Theatre for Young People before it’s gone forever!

Check out some of the great reviews for Bite Me:

…”this is a production that fascinates and impresses. It is thoroughly original.” Suzy Goes See

…”is a delightful picaresque performance centring on food.” Australian Stage

…”a flowing, varied and physically interesting showcase for the Australian Theatre for Young People’s fourth instalment of its Voices Project. It is the best to date.” Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald

…”Bite Me brings quite a lot to the table.” Lloyd Bradford-Sykes, The Daily Review

It’s a great show that has a huge team of creatives behind it. Support Australian writing and young people in theatre!

To buy tickets just click here.

ATYP Fresh Ink National Studio


How’s the serenity?

Three weeks ago I went away to the ATYP National Studio. I met talented people, took in beautiful scenery and churned out some writing I’m pretty stoked about. I could have not generated the work that I did without the unique environment that the National Studio provided.

I want to say a huge thank you for Australian Theatre for Young People for having programs like this. It was an incredible learning experience.

If you are a young writer I encourage you to apply for the National Studio. I think the call-out will be next year but you can be sure to know by liking/following/stalking Fresh Ink on facebook, twitter and checking the website.

If you are a philanthropist who is wanting to donate to something artsy, I definitely encourage you to support the Fresh Ink program.

Great things have come out of the program such as The Language of Love: a film by young writer Kim Ho. It has reached 489,634 views (at the time of writing) and attracted global attention.

May Day Playwrights’ Festival Opening Night


Wednesday marked the opening night of the May Day Playwrights’ Festival held at Tap Gallery. Over the next two weeks the exciting new festival will showcase the writing of Australian playwrights.

Last week, the festival presented the work of the 7-ON Playwrights with performances of monologues from their published collection: ‘No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames’. The monologues were directed by festival co-director Augusta Supple.

The opening night was a lively event with many of the Sydney scene’s movers and shakers, and theatre makers, in attendance. Delicious rolls were on offer from new franchise Mr Crackles. The five spiced pork belly with crispy crackling and Vietnamese salad proved to be a favourite among the theatre goers.

This week will showcase a collection of nine monologues and duologues titled ‘The Solitudes’, directed by nine directors and performed by nine actors. Little God, directed and written by AFI -Award winning actor Nicholas Hope, will finish off the exciting festival with a performance from festival co-producer Jeremy Waters.

To purchase tickets:


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Festival Producers Augusta Supple and Jeremy Waters.

The Season

Three x 1 Week Seasons: 8th- 25th May 2013

Performing Wednesdays – Saturdays,  8pm
The Tap Gallery Theatre, 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
75 Minutes (No Interval)
TICKETS: $20/ $15
PLAYWRIGHTS BONUS: Receive a concession priced ticket if you provide the Mayday Box Office Staff with a new play to read.
To purchase tickets:

A View From Moving Windows Tribute Video

Harnessing the creative talents of some of Sydney’s most dynamic and prestigious playwrights, A View From Moving Windows was a play inspired by train travel to and from the thriving and vibrant geographical centre of Sydney, Parramatta. It was created as part of the Riverside Theatre’s True West season. This is a tribute video for the production created by Felicity Pickering.

The song used in this production is ‘Precious’ by Appleonia. You can purchase and find out more about Appleonia here:


The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died

Photo credit to Bronte Wilson.

The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died is a dystopic tale brimming with rich language. Playing at King Street Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, it’s an intriguing and challenging piece of theatre that marks IIdiko Susany as a writer to watch.

The play centres on two siblings Broon (Cameron Croker) and Enlon (IIdiko Susany) after the demise of the galaxy.  It becomes clear that those who have survived have committed suicide, but Broon and Enlon stay waiting for the end. It is in this half existence that the play exists.

From the very beginning a rich world of story is established. Designed by Philip Kolotas, the set consists of a simple rope structure that hangs down the ceiling. The aesthetic is echoed in the props, with a Sitar made of rope that is cleverly used in conjunction with the cello played by Georgia Ellen.

The language is very literary and poetic but the delicacy of the language can sometimes be lost in the action. Overall it’s a fantastic first play and I’m excited to see what Susany comes up with next.

Opportunities for Actors

It seems you always find what you’re not looking for. While rummaging around the internet for new writing opportunities I have stumbled across a bundle of acting gigs. Rather than casting them aside, I though I might write up a little list for the actors out there.


The Knowledge By John Donnelly

pantsguys Productions are seeking actors for their production of THE KNOWLEDGE, directed by Rebecca Martin, as part of the New Theatre’s The Spare Room season.

Auditions will be held on:

Tues 14 August 3pm-9pm
Wed 15 August 10am-9pm

Character Breakdown:

Zoe –Female, Late 20s/Early 30s, white
Maz – Male, Early-mid/30s, Asian/Indian
Harry – Male, Early 60s, white
Mickey – Male, 15, white
Daniel – Male, 15, black
Karris – Female, 15, white
Sal – Female, 15, Asian/Indian

Send your CV and headshot to: theknowledge12@gmail.com with the role you are interested in auditioning for.

You will receive sides for the character – you certainly don’t have to learn them, but familiarity with the script is desirable. Be open and prepared to improvise.

If you have any further questions, or can’t make the above auditions times, please don’t hesitate to contact theknowledge12@gmail.com

For the facebook page click here.


A View From Moving Windows is a new multi-playwright project headed by director Augusta Supple (Brand Spanking New, Stories from the 428, Write Here Write Now) which contains scenes, fragments and playlets by some of Australia’s best loved playwrights. Created specifically for Riverside Theatre’s True West Season, this is a unique portrait of Parramatta, like you’ve never seen it before.

The show is to be written and developed from late July through to August 2012.

Information for actors:
It hasn’t been written yet… so I can’t tell you of how many roles there are on offer. I can tell you nothing.

But if you are keen to audition/be approached/ read a role (once its been written), please email me at augusta@augustasupple.com with your head shot, a CV and a brief note (up to 200 words) of why you are attracted to this project.

Auditions will take place available 23rd, 25th, 30th August and 1st September at The Arts Platform and The Riverside theatres (exact times/dates/locations to be confirmed.)

Rehearsals: (part time) 24th September- 13th October.
Production Dates:
Bump in: 15th October 2012
Tech: 16th October 2012
Dress: 17th October 2012
Preview: 18th October 2012
Opening Performance: 19th October 2012
Performances: 20th, 24, 25, 26, 27th October 2012


Disney is auditioning Dancers & Character Look-alikes for Tokyo in Melb and Syd. 1 year contracts from Feb/Mar 2013

For more details check it out here.

I’ll keep you updated if I find more.