This Is My Town : Woodstock

‘This Is My Town’ is a new documentary series that I’ve decided to create. The series features locals explaining what it’s like to be from their area, suburb or city. It’s my hope that through my travels I can create a long series of these interviews. You always hear about famous areas (like Vegas) but never really know what it would be like to be a local. I’ve always wondered how it actually is to live in tourist towns or exotic towns. Having lived in Sydney most of my life, I often like to give friends who come to stay a glimpse of local life. This interview with Bryan from Woodstock marks the beginning of the new endeavour.

The song used is ‘On Dancefloors’ by Metronomy. I make no claims as having created this song.

Feel free to suggest places you’d like me to profile a local. I’ll see if my budget will allow it.

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